Texas Sheriff Attacks Young Man, Curses At Officer (Video)


Shocking footage has surfaced of Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown and his brother Bobby Brown attacking college student Caleb Tomgenovich and his friend Matthew Longoria on Jan. 1, 2017, in Midlothian, Texas (video below).

Johnny had recently been sworn in for his third term as sheriff when he and his brother went to a Whataburger restaurant, notes KTVT.

In surveillance video from the fast-food joint, Tomgenovich appears to exchange words with Bobby, who punches the 21-year-old college student in the face. Seconds later, Johnny attacks Longoria, also 21 years old.

"It wasn’t even a question," Tomgenovich told the news station. "It was like: 'Wow, we just got attacked by the sheriff.' Okay. Like what? I mean, my mind was blown."

According to Tomgenovich, there were dirty looks exchanged in the parking lot when a friend of Johnny's pulled too close to Tomgenovich's vehicle.

"I thought that was the end of it," Tomgenovich added. "But they came, and confronted me in the restaurant."

Johnny, who resigned as sheriff, told KTVT that he was trying to stop a fight, and didn't realize that Bobby had thrown the first punch.

After being called to the fight scene, Midlothian Officer Aaron Walters accused Johnny of trying to intimidate a female witness; that exchange was filmed on Walters' police dash cam video.

"Get out of the store, right now!" Walters scolds Johnny. "You don’t stand over her and try to intimidate her like that."

Moments later, Johnny tells Walters: "If you worked for me, you’d be fired." Walters replies: "I don’t care who you are right now. Stop trying to intimidate me!”

Johnny continues the exchange with profanity: "I'm not trying to intimidate you. You’re an arrogant little [expletive] is what you are! Yeah, and I hope that camera’s on!"

"Oh it is! It is!" Walters assures him.

Johnny apologized to KTVT for his "inappropriate language" towards Walters.

Tomgenovich recalled his mother's reaction to the incident: "She thought that I was lying. She thought that me and my friends were being idiots and we started the whole thing."

Johnny and Bobby were both charged with misdemeanor assault; both pleaded guilty.

"We know they aren’t bad people," Tomgenovich said. "We just don’t think that they made a very good choice that night. The fact that they both pleaded guilty, and the sheriff stepped down, was good enough for me."

Longoria told WFAA in March: "When you’re elected as sheriff, you swear to protect the people of your county, and I just feel like he didn’t do his job that night."

As part of his plea deal, Johnny resigned as sheriff, gave up his Texas peace officer license, and served one day in jail.

Sources: KTVT, WFAA / Photo credit: Matty Ring/Flickr

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