Texas Roadhouse Won't Allow Armed Nebraska Gun Activists to Meet

A Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Papillion, Neb., has canceled a pro-gun group's reservation to dine with their guns on Thursday.

“I want to feed people, not have a circus in here,” Steve Jackson, managing partner of the Texas Roadhouse, told Omaha.com.

Jackson claims the pro-gun group was not open about its intentions.

“We live in America, and obviously people are free to feel however they want to," said Nick Crawford, organizer of the pro-gun group. “It always seems like the anti-gunners always get their way instead of the pro-Second Amendment people. That, to me, it’s getting old.”

Crawford said his group will meet at a Mexican restaurant in Bellevue, Neb.

“I want things to change," added Crawford. "When I want things to change, I try to find the best way to do that. Getting like-minded people together is the quickest and fastest way.”

Nebraska state law allows people to openly carry guns, but city governments can make their own rules, as can private businesses.

Travis Doster, spokesman for the corporate Texas Roadhouse office, says the company told the local restaurant that the armed pro-gun group could not hold its event.

“This particular group wanted to bring a dozen or so people and, I’m not sure how the word got out, but suddenly different people were calling and different businesses and media and it became a much bigger issue,” stated Doster. "The intent was to try to serve steaks to somebody, and it got beyond its original intent."

Most of the reactions on the conservative website FreeRepublic.com were anger against the restaurant:

People here in open-carry Idaho dine in restaurants all the time with their sidearms on their belts. Guess what? No circus, no frightened diners, most of all no crime. Sounds to me like the people of Papillion, NE are just pu**ies.

I’ve eaten at that place a couple times. Never again... Plus the shopping center is for nothing but yuppies and city folk.

The second amendment should mean something and I don’t patronize any business that does not support that right. Like I said they can do what they wish but I’m through with them!!

Sources: FreeRepublic.com and Omaha.com


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