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Texas Restaurant Hands Out Behavior 'Rule Cards' To Parents

A Texas restaurant has received a bit of criticism for handing out behavior “rule cards” to parents.

Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel, the couple behind a Montrose restaurant called “Cuchara,” or “spoon” in Spanish, have spent three years working on their Mexican restaurant, according to reports. Most of the art on the walls is from Mexico, making it “almost impossible to replace,” said Beaven.

The couple said that everyone is welcome in their establishment, but they have one simple warning to parents.

“Just take responsibility for your kids,” McDaniel said.

After many incidents involving children, the restaurant owners decided to print out “rule cards” for parents who bring their kids in to eat.

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“[During one incident,] the child jumped on top of the chair and then started [climbing] up a wall,” Beaven told KTRK. “[During another incident, a] child took a quarter and began marking, doing tic-tac-toe.”

According to Beaven, the child in the last incident caused approximately $1,500 in damage.

“We had already wanted them a few times not to let him run,” McDaniel said. 

He added that the mother wouldn’t take responsibility for her child’s actions, but eventually paid $40 for the paint.

“Of course we got bad reviews on social media from her,” he said.

The couple said that they are aware many people won’t like what they have to say, but that they are looking out for their customers' safety as well as trying to protect the restaurant.

Sources: KTRK, YouTube / Photo credit: KTRK


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