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Texas Rep. Steve Stockman's Staffers Ask Democrats If Rape Victims Can Carry Guns

Texas Representative Steve Stockman is known for being a pretty straightforward and frank politician – traits which apparently carry over to his advisors as well.

On Friday, Democrats who called the conservative politician’s office to argue for harsher gun control legislation were met with a pretty loaded question by one of Stockman’s staffers: Should women be able to use guns to defend themselves against rapists?

After answering no to the question, Stockman took to Twitter later in the day Friday.

“Democrats calling our office today to argue women should not be allowed to defend themselves with a gun if they are raped #WarOnWomen,” he tweeted.

Donny Ferguson – a senior communications advisor to Stockman – expanded upon the politician’s tweets.

“When we asked if women should be allowed to carry a gun to fend off a rapist, they all said no,” Ferguson said. “They apparently believe rapists are morally superior to gun owners.”

Ferguson later went on to call the Democrats who called Stockman’s office a few “Democratic cranks” in an email to the Huffington Post.

Asked what he meant by "Democratic cranks," Ferguson said, "Just the kind of people who call an office to complain because they saw something on a left-wing website. Our own constituents are much nicer."

Sources: Huffington Post, Inquisitr


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