Texas Pro-Gun Advocate Wants Gun Safety Leader Bound In Plastic Bag


Martin Cohn, a Texas gun activist, reportedly posted a comment on Facebook that some are taking as a threat against Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun safety group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

According to FreakOutNation, Cohn made his comment on the Facebook page of C.J. Grisham, who is the founder of Open Carry Texas.

Grisham posted a link to a story by the conservative website Breitbart.com that blared a misleading headline, "Shannon Watts Moves Goalposts: Open Carry in TX a Victory for Gun Control."

Cohn commented below the posting, "I support Shannon with a plastic bag over her head...and lots of duck (sic) tape. Oops did I type that out loud? My bad!"

The Huffington Post noted in January that Cohn is head of the pro-gun group Lone Star Gun Rights.

In his article, Breitbart.com writer AWR Hawkins suggested Watts suddenly supported open carry for handguns as long as it required a permit, but in reality Watts was trying to find a silver lining in light of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's promise to make Texas the 45th state that allows the open carry of handguns.

Sources: FreakOutNation, Breitbart.com, The Huffington Post Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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