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Texas Police Trooper, Jennie Bui, Who Conducted Inappropriate Body Cavity Search Reinstated

A female Texas officer who was sued and placed before a grand jury for conducting an inappropriate body cavity search on two females pulled over for speeding was recently reinstated on claims that she was inexperienced and following orders at the time of the crime.

Steven McCraw, director of the Department of Public Safety, reinstated Trooper Jennie Bui Friday. Bui was fired in June, according to The Dallas News.

McCraw said Bui was following the orders of Nathaniel Turner, a senior officer who has been fired since the incident, according to ABC News.

“While the actions of Trooper Bui constitute misconduct, I believe her actions are mitigated such that she should not be terminated from the agency,” McCraw said.

Turner instructed Bui to search Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle after pulling the women over for speeding. Turner said he smelled marijuana in the women’s car, which the police never found.

Hamilton said the Turner told her and Randle that, “We’re gonna get familiar with your womanly parts.”

Hamilton added that she felt Bui assaulted her and that she didn’t change gloves between her searches of the two women.

Bui was reinstated on the grounds that she work 60 days without pay, be on 6 months probation and receive additional training.

Sources: The Dallas News, ABC News


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