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Texas Police Tase Good Samaritan Who Helped Woman, Baby (Video)

A newly-released cell phone video (below) shows police in Denton, Texas, tasing a Good Samaritan who rescued a baby from a distraught woman on Wednesday.

Police received a call about a naked woman holding a baby in the parking lot of a motel. However, when the cops arrived, the woman was under a blanket on the second floor balcony and the Good Samaritan, Marcus Coleman, was holding the child.

The Denton Police Department claimed that the woman was "in an altered state" and needed medical attention, but also needed to be handcuffed "for her safety and the safety of others," notes WFAA.

According to police, Coleman handed the baby to a third party and then "tried to interfere with the officers" while they were attempting to handcuff the woman who is screaming for help.

Coleman is seen on the video telling a cop: "We're just people," and "I'm innocent and you're trying to shoot me."

The police officer tells Coleman to "back up," and Coleman yells, "She needs help!"

Moments later, the cop tases Coleman who collapses from the electrical shock.

The video was originally posted on Twitter by user @BTP_TACO with the caption: "After actually witnessing police brutality I look at that s--- a whole different way bro smh #DentonTx."

Jeremy Jones told The Star Telegram that he filmed the video on his cell phone while walking past the motel and hearing the woman screaming.

The Denton police said in a statement:

[Coleman] ignored the officer's orders and tried to push his way past the officer to get to the officers and female on the ground. When [Coleman] tried to get past the officer, he deployed his taser bringing [Coleman] to the ground.

However, the video appears to show Coleman standing several feet away and being tased. He was later charged with interfering with public duties.

The Denton Police Department released a body cam video, notes WFAA, which also appears to disprove their claim that Coleman was trying to push his way through when he was tased.

Sources: WFAA (2), Twitter, The Star Telegram / Photo Credit: YouTube/Jeremy Jones Screenshot


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