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Police Seize 75 Pounds Of Liquid Meth During Traffic Stop (Photos)

Police Seize 75 Pounds Of Liquid Meth During Traffic Stop (Photos) Promo Image

A Texas woman was arrested after police say they discovered 75 pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine worth approximately $2 million in her vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

Seline Lizbeth Ayala, 23, was pulled over on July 12 around 11:30 p.m., according to a press release from the Austin Police Department.

"Upon making contact with the driver, officers became suspicious of the driver," the press release states.

While speaking with the officers, Ayala initially told them that she was driving to Dallas for a work meeting before changing her story later in the conversation, according to a criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court which was obtained by CNN.

The complaint says Ayala was nervous and grew "verbally aggressive" as police continued to ask her questions. She reportedly refused to allow Austin Criminal Interdiction Officers to search her vehicle, a 2013 Dodge Avenger.

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The drugs were discovered by Emma, the Austin Police Department's narcotics dog, after the officers requested assistance from a K-9 unit.

Ayala had allegedly hidden the liquid crystal meth in three large jugs labeled "Purple Power" -- an industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser. Police estimate that the drugs have a street value of approximately $2 million.

There was a female passenger in the vehicle who told police that Ayala had picked her up a few hours earlier so that she could babysit Ayala's 4-year-old daughter. The child was also in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Ayala later told police that she had made a methamphetamine delivery once before on behalf of an unidentified man who lives near her home. That delivery took place in June after a friend put Ayala in contact with the man, who also organized the attempted delivery to the Dallas area.

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Police were reportedly able to corroborate Ayala's statements by looking at text message conversations on her cell phone.

Ayala now faces federal drug trafficking charges. She is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 21.

In June, police in Freeport, Texas, posted on Facebook that they had seized over 200 grams of methamphetamine during a traffic stop.

"Congratulations to Officer Lacy," the Freeport Police Department wrote. "He was being proactive and conducted a traffic stop on a Toyota Corolla. Driver identified as Brandon Fox was arrested for possession of Meth, 202 grams! This is a large amount. The listed vehicle was also towed to the police station for possible seizure."

The meth was hidden in a Gambler Tube Cut tobacco bag.

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