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Texas Police Respond To Suicide Call, Shoot And Kill Off-Duty Deputy (Video)

Sheriff's Deputy Cesar Cuellar was shot and killed by police in Laredo, Texas, on Nov. 9. The police were responding to a call by an unidentified woman who claimed Cuellar wanted to harm himself (video below).

Two female officers found Cuellar, who was off duty, inside an apartment, reports the Laredo Morning Times. One of the officers began firing after "repeated commands to the individual who was armed with a handgun," Laredo Police Department spokesman Joe E. Baeza told the Laredo Morning Times.

Cuellar was taken to a local hospital, and pronounced dead. The officers have been placed on administrative leave while an investigation of the incident takes place.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Cesar Cuellar Jr., and to the families of everyone involved in this tragic situation," Sheriff Martin Cuellar, who is no relation to Cuellar Jr., said. "I have been in law enforcement my entire life and I can tell you that anytime you lose one of your own, it is very difficult on everyone involved."

Cuellar's mother told KGNS that she pleaded with the officers, "Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot, please, please, please. It's my son."

The mom claims that she came to her son's apartment expecting to go to breakfast with him, but instead found the officers with their guns drawn, even though her son did not point his gun at them.

"Both of them were pointing at him," Cuellar's mother told KGNS. "My son was like this with the gun pointed down, not saying a word. He was surprised, they were in his home. He was frozen."

"They shot him, they shot him once and then it took a while and after another boom again," she added. "It wasn't continuous but my son never lifted his gun. Never."

She wants justice for her son, and the officers removed from the police force.

Sources: Laredo Morning Times, KGNS / Photo credit: KGNS Screenshot

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