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Texas Police Officer Shoots and Wounds German Shepherd

A Texas police officer recently shot a German shepherd while he was serving a warrant.

Vinny, the German shepherd, now has a bullet wound on the back of his neck but is otherwise in good health. His owners Renata and Chris Simmons are thankful, though they are skeptical about the police officer’s allegation that the dog was coming after him.

“This dog wasn't after him,” Renata Simmons said. “This dog was just running up going 'hey what are you doing?' and they have a right to do that.”

Renata, who is a professional dog trainer, said people often come in and out of the house for business and insists that Vinny and the other dogs are used to seeing new faces. However, the dogs have reportedly never before reacted aggressively.

The Simmons were also concerned for the life of their terminally ill 6-year-old grandchild, who was playing around the corner of the house just next to the Germany shepherds and also could have been killed.

Leander police said the officer shot because he felt threatened and merely followed local policy, and he never noticed the child outside.

“We're trained to fire until the threat is stopped,” Lt. Derral Partin said. “No officer wakes up and gets dressed and goes to work and wants to kill someone's dog.”

Partin added that the incident was unfortunate, and that the department is considering changing its policy.

Sources: ABC News, Examiner


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