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Watch: Texas Cop Allegedly Punches Pregnant Women (Video)

A video, recently posted to various social media sites, appears to show a Texas police officer punching a pregnant woman while he and another deputy try to restrain the woman. 

Independent journalist Brett Sanders reports the incident occurred recently as Child Protective Services turned up at a Harris County home where the woman was staying. They showed her a court order and asked to interview her young son.  

The woman, who is not named in Sanders’ report, reportedly asked the CPS representatives to review the court order for the interview. That’s when Harris County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly forced their way into the home and tried to restrain the woman. 

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In the video (shown below) two officers can be seen holding the woman against the kitchen counter, struggling, it appears, to place handcuffs on her. 

“Let go,” she shrieks. “Let go! I am pregnant!” 

“Are you f****** kidding me,” she yells at one point. 

As the officers struggle, other officials in the room appear to be attempting to interview her son.

As the woman continues to yell, one officer raises his hand above his head and then appears to punch the woman in the back. He raises his hand a second time just before the video cuts out. 

It is unclear exactly why CPS showed up at the door and who filmed the incident. 

The video has been posted on YouTube as well as on a Facebook page devoted to the incident titled “That Happened.” 

A Facebook user named Matthew Nowlin, claims to know the woman in the video. In a lengthy post to the That Happened page he identifies her by her first name, Deanna Jo, and says they served together in Iraq.

He writes that Deanna Jo had been the victim of domestic violence and had fled her home. The CPS workers were checking up on the well-being and whereabouts of her young son, he claims. 

“They arrived with 3 sheriff's department deputies who announced they were taking the child,” Nowlin writes. “When she questioned the CPS worker and asked to see the court order, she was deemed noncompiant, and beaten, while restrained, in front of her child, and thankfully in front of home security cameras. You can clearly hear her scream ‘I'm pregnant!’ right before one deputy repeatedly punches this restained mother.”

Nowlin claims Deanna Jo was subsequently arrested and charged with assaulting an officer and held in jail for six days without the benefit of medical attention. She was nearly nine months pregnant. 

She has since been released and given birth to a second son. Nowlin indicates CPS placed the newborn in the care of a relative, and Deanna Jo is permitted only “severely restricted visits destroying the bonding and breastfeeding process.”

The status of her assault charge is unclear. 

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Photo Credit: YouTube


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