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Texas Police Mum After Changing Story About Woman They Fatally Shot

Everyone in Bastrop County, Texas, is talking about the deadly shooting of 47-year-old Yvette Smith. Everyone, that is, except for the sheriff’s office.

Early Sunday morning, Bastrop County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Willis and colleagues went to the home of Willie Thomas. There was a report from the house of an altercation between two men involving a firearm. Once inside the home, Willis shot and killed Yvette Smith.

An initial report from the Sheriff’s Office said Smith came to the door with a firearm and disobeyed commands from the officers.  A second report, however, retracts the claim that she was armed when she was shot.

When reached for answers, the Bastrop County sheriff’s office kept a tight lip.

“Unfortunately, due to the very preliminary and active ongoing investigation, we are unable to release the requested information at this time,” Sheriff Terry Pickering said in a statement.

People who witnessed the shooting insist Smith wasn’t carrying a gun when she was shot. Witness and homeowner Thomas believes Willis was trigger-happy.

“All I can tell you is that they overreacted,” Thomas said. “She didn’t have the chance to get out the door.”

Smith’s son, 25-year-old Andre Smith, also claims there was no gun present when his mother was killed. He says Yvette Smith’s boyfriend and his son were arguing about a gun that was at another location. If the deputies were responding to a call in an upscale neighborhood, Andre Smith believes they wouldn’t have been so quick to pull the trigger.

“If they had went to Hunters Crossing or Tahitian Village or a nicer subdivision, they wouldn’t have been so hostile,” he said.

Willis has been placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation closes. 

Sources: Raw Story, KEYE


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