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Texas Police On Alert After Patrol Car Brakes Cut and Two Officers Shot At (Video)

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Texas police are on high alert after two officers were shot at in separate incidents and a patrol car’s brakes were cut.

Earlier this week, an officer took his take-home patrol car to be fixed after he noticed a warning light that corresponded to the car’s anti-lock braking system. When mechanics examined the car, they discovered that two separate lines had been intentionally cut.

Harris County Precinct 7 Constable Pamela Greenwood said that while the car’s basic braking system was fully operational, the anti-lock system being useless could’ve potentially put the officer’s life in danger.

“All of our officers have been told to be on alert for attacks like this,” Greenwood said. “We got the word out to our deputies to be vigilant to make sure to check their equipment, their vehicles before they get in and drive off, and we want to make other law enforcement agencies aware of the same thing.”

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It was also reported that within the same week as the incident with the braking system, two different Houston-area officers were shot at while on the job. The second incident involved a sergeant who was working his second job at a medical center when he suddenly heard a gunshot in the parking lot.

When he went to investigate the noise, a man in an SUV fired two shots at him before speeding away. The officer attempted to chase the man but was unsuccessful. A vehicle description was provided, however, and the man was later arrested. Details of the first shooting, which occurred 48 hours earlier, have not been released.

“Some people were saying the one incident had to be isolated because they didn't have any other incidents,” Houston Police Officers' Union President Ray Hunt said. “Then when we found out about the second incident that had happened prior to ours, it's very, very alarming to us that in 48 hours we had two people, deputies, shot at in Harris County.”

Officers throughout the state have been advised to be on alert for attacks, and to travel in pairs whenever possible.

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