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Texas Pastor Terry Holcomb Open Carries Assault Rifle Into Walmart to Protest Handgun Laws (Video)

Texas Pastor Terry Holcomb filmed himself wandering through a Huntsville Walmart with an AR-15 — the same gun used to kill 20 children and six adults in Newtown in December — until a manager asked him to leave.

Last week, Holcomb began posting videos of himself carrying the assault rifle through local businesses on YouTube, according to ThinkProgress. He calls it his “Huntsville Walk.”

Holcomb said the reasoning behind his “open carry” campaign with an AR-15 Bushmaster .223 is to protest a Texas law permitting gun owners to open carry long rifles but not handguns. Texas only issues concealed-carry permits for handguns in Texas.

“Whether it be opened or concealed, we just want to be able to choose how we carry,” Holcomb told KHOU 11. “We believe that’s our constitutional right.”

In one video, Holcomb walks around Walmart and after several minutes two employees ask him to leave. He argues with them until a manager approaches.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave my store immediately or I will have to call the police,” the manager tells Holcomb. He also asks him to shut off his camera.

Holcomb agrees to leave, but he does not turn the camera off.

The employees follow Holcomb out as he leaves. In the parking lot, Holcomb tells his cameraman that he is going to get all the way off the property because the police had been called.

Holcomb called the video “Open Carry Walmart. They freaked!!!”

There’s also an “Open Carry Starbucks” and an “Open Carry Jack n the Box” on his YouTube account HerCowboy. He also open carried at a Conroe, Texas, rally for “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.”

He told KHOU 11 that no other business gave him trouble about the gun.

“And that is their absolute right,” Holcomb said of Walmart’s request that he leave. “I respect their right just as much as I want them to respect mine.”

The San Jacinto County pastor said he carries his weapon with the barrel pointed down, the magazine loaded, the chamber empty and the safety on.

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