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Texas Parents Arrested After Children Allegedly Test Positive For Methamphetamine

A Texas couple have been taken into custody after their children tested positive for methamphetamine.

Leeanna and Linton Brandon Keyton were arrested and charged after Titus County Sheriff's Office Narcotic Investigators obtained a search warrant and discovered quantities of the drug at their hotel room on Oct. 25, KLTV reports.

The only one found in the room was Leeanna Keyton, who was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. She was released the next day on $15,000 bond.

Child Protective Services removed the children — both under the age of 5 — from the couple’s care in mid-October. They tested positive for meth.

Officials served arrest warrants on both parents for allegedly endangering a child, KTLA reports.

Leeanna Heyton was arrested once again on Nov. 6 at the parking lot of a Pilgrims Pride supermarket. The woman resisted, but deputies managed to quickly take her into custody.

She was booked into the Titus County Jail for endangering a child, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A week later, Titus County deputies tracked down Linton Brandon Keyton, who refused to identify himself. But deputies confirmed the outstanding arrest warrant and were able to place him into custody.

Deputies booked him into the Titus County Jail for endangering a child, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful carrying of a weapon, failure to identify, and possession of a dangerous drug.



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