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Texas Officer Caught On Camera Performing Act Of Kindness (Video)

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A Texas police officer was caught performing an act of kindness when one resident decided to film him (video below).

Harlingen, Texas, resident Alicia Rivera watched as officer Steven Benitez played with her children on the street.

“I just saw him throw the football and I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna catch this ‘cause this is awesome,'” Rivera told 4 Valley Central.

Initially, Rivera thought her kids had gotten into trouble. Instead, one of her kids had challenged Benitez to a game of catch.

“I got off and accepted them on that challenge,” Benitez said. “We had a little break, and it turned into a five minute scrimmage.”

Benitez noted that he hadn’t noticed he was being recorded. However, he hopes that the video will show that officers are “just like everyone else.”

Rivera said that she was pleased that Benitez had stopped by especially since two of the boys he had played with want to be police officers when they grow up.

George Rivera, 11, noted that he used to be scared of cops. Frank Rivera, 9, added that cops aren’t trying to be “bad” and that they’re really good people. 

Sources: 4 Valley Central, TMPA

Photo Credit: YouTube 


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