Texas Newspaper Refuses to Run Same-Sex Wedding Announcement


A lesbian couple in Texas said their local newspaper refused to publish their wedding announcement and photo.

Patricia Wrightner and Michelle Cooks claim the Texarkana Gazette refused them based on their sexual orientation.

“We were discriminated against,” Cooks told KSLA. “There’s no other reason not to have our picture in the paper.”

A spokesman for the newspaper claimed it was only following policy.

"They refused us because we are a gay couple," Cooks said.

Wrightner said “if the Pentagon has recognized, you know, giving same sex couples benefits” then one would think they could at least get their picture in the paper.

The Department of Justice announced last week it will begin allowing legally married gay and lesbian spouses of military veterans to collect the same federal benefits that opposite-sex couples are entitled to.

"The Texarkana Gazette publishes wedding, engagement and anniversary announcements related to marriages or impending marriages that are recognized by states in which it circulates," Texarkana Gazette editor Les Minor told KSLA in a statement.

"This policy have been in place for several years. Neither Texas nor Arkansas allows same-sex marriages or recognize same sex marriages from other states. If those laws change, this newspaper will re-examine its policy," he said.

"We live in Texarkana. It is our Texarkana Gazette and we felt we had a right just like everyone else to announce our wedding,” Cooks said “This isn't really just about Texas. It's simply about us in our hometown wanting to announce our wedding."

The couple said they will use Facebook to spread the word about their Sep. 13th wedding.

Sources: Raw Story, KSLA


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