Texas Mother's Photo Used For Craigslist Sex Ad (Photos)


A Texas mother had a Facebook photo stolen and used in a Craigslist sex ad, prompting over 100 responses from people looking for sexual encounters.

Tammie Veach, a mother of two from Montgomery County, Texas, said she believes a hacker stole her phone number and photo through advertisements her family’s bowfishing business. According to reports, the ad described Veach as a “divorced white female needing servicing,” and included the welcoming phrase “the more the merrier.”

“It was very violating,” Veach said. “They posted me as wanting multiple sex partners." Veach said she received well over 100 voicemail messages from people interested in meeting up with her for sex.

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“There was everything from a husband and wife who wanted me as one of their partners to multiple men offering me $1,000 to meet them,” she said, adding that she believes the ad was posted as a “joke.”

Local police are reportedly investigating the incident, and Veach vowed personally to track down whomever was responsible for the disturbing ad.

“I'm gonna catch you, you are going to pay for what you did,” she said. “If not for me, for other girls in the future.”

Sources: Daily Mirror, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk, nydailynews.com


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