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Mother Kicks 'Trump Lover' Son Out Of House (Video)

A Texas mother has been cleared of wrongdoing after posting a video to Facebook showing her kicking her 7-year-old son to the curb because he voted for President-elect Donald Trump in a mock election at school (video below).

The video, posted on Nov. 11, shows the boy being told to leave the house with a suitcase and a cardboard sign, “So when the people see you outside, they know why you're standing out there.”

The mother can be heard on the video repeatedly calling her son a “Donald Trump lover,” adding: “You wanna vote for him, I'm going to show ya. Get your suitcase and get out. We don't do Donald Trump here.”

When the video went viral, it caught the attention of police and Child Protective Services, which interviewed her about the matter.

Detective Joe Luera from Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office said investigators concluded that there was no evidence of a crime.

Luera explained, "I have personally met with the family and saw the child, his well-being. He appears to be in good health," reports KTRK.

One of the neighbors reacted to the news by saying, "I think it's crazy. People need to realize when you put certain things on social media, you never know how far it's gonna go."

Another neighbor vouched for the anti-Trump woman’s character. "I've been on this street for four years. Awesome family," she said.

At the end of the video, the mother can be heard saying that the reason her son voted for Trump is because he sees him on TV a lot.

"She explains it was a joke," Luera notes. In the video, the mother does indeed seem to be acting, though her son seems genuinely distressed.

If it was the mother’s intention to draw attention to her political opinion, she succeeded, because the video has been shared more than 200,000 times, the Independent reports.

Sources: Independent, KTRK / Photo credit: YouTube

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