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Texas Mom Rails Online Against Delta Airlines Over Breast Milk Incident

Angry Texas mother Vanessa Kasten Urango took to Facebook on Dec. 19 to rail against Delta Airlines, after airline employees reportedly refused to allow her to bring frozen breast milk in dry ice onto a flight. Her post has since gone viral.

Urango is the mother of two, including a 4-month-old girl. Urango explained in the post that she had been away from her family for 18 days for work before the incident, and had been maintaining a steady supply of breast milk for the infant and keeping it in a freezer.

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Urango then writes that she contacted Delta's customer service department a week before she was scheduled to return home. She was instructed to pack the breast milk in a labeled cooler with the contents weighing no more than 5.5 pounds, which she did.

Unfortunately, when Urango arrived at the airport with the cooler and dry ice, she said that the ticketing agent had no idea how to deal with the situation. She says that he became irritated and called in two other agents over.  

She posted:

"To say they were rude and completely lacking empathy is an understatement. Long story short, they told me I could not take the breast milk on the plane because they couldn't weigh the dry ice (just curious how they would ever weigh dry ice??) and because I didn't have the proper sticker on it to show it contained dry ice. I asked them where I could find such a sticker, and they just shrugged with complete apathy."

Urango's luck changed when a couple of compassionate airport police officers helped her come up with a plan to allow her to bring the breast milk on board.  She writes that the dry ice was disposed of in an airport bathroom and that she used the cooler as a carry-on. 

While she was still initially afraid her supply of two weeks' worth of breast milk would not stay frozen over the duration of the flight, The Huffington Post reports that Urango later posted an update confirming the breast milk survived the trip.

She has also confirmed that Delta has since apologized to her, offering a gift card and $150.  A Delta representative told The Huffington Post that the airline is prepared to reimburse Urango for any expenses she may have incurred from the incident.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Vanessa Kasten Urango/Facebook / Photo credit: Vanessa Kasten Urango/Facebook

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