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Texas Middle School Mocked On Social Media For Spelling Error

A Dallas, Texas, middle school year might have started off on the wrong foot after a staff member accidentally made a glaring grammatical mistake in the sign welcoming students back from summer break.

East Paulding Middle School was heavily scrutinized on social media after an image of the large sign, standing just outside the main building, was shared on Facebook and Imgur.

“Welcome Back Students. We Are Glad You Are Hear.”

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The image has been viewed over 1,900 times since it was posted by Imgur user Benjamminator.

The Daily Mail reports that many people have taken to social media to mock the school’s inability to properly spell a common word.

“That’s just pitiful. I really hope someone caught that before the day was over!” commented Facebook user Paula Zaimis.

Another user wrote: “Regardless of who put up the sign/letters, I’m surprised that the school officials drove or walked by it in the morning and didn’t look twice to notice the mistake. Such a shame for a school in general. And we expect these kids to pass?”

“And we expect these people to actually teach kids?!” someone else added.

One user quipped, “That’s ‘two’ bad.” Another gibed, “We here you loud and clear.”

Others were more defensive of the school. A mother wrote: “It was a simple spelling error made by a custodian that was trying to be kind. It was noticed immediately and corrected. Believe me, my children have received a fine education from that school.”

A teacher said: “Honestly, I get it. I am an English teacher, and we are all human.” The teacher concluded, “It’s funny, it happens, but let’s not make it bigger than it really is.”

Brett Taylor, the principal of East Paulding Middle School, declined to comment to Yahoo Parenting, but Suzanne Wooley, director of communications for the Paulding County School District, said the sign was corrected within an hour.

“Perhaps one of the most important lessons is, there is a camera everywhere and you never know what will end up on social media,” she said. “And this shows how important it is to proofread what you’re writing.”

She went on to stress that making mistakes “is an important part of education.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo Parenting / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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