Texas Men Openly Carrying Rifles At Starbucks Charged With Disorderly Conduct (Video)

Three men openly carrying rifles outside of a San Antonio, Texas, Starbucks were charged with disorderly conduct recently. The incident occurred on August 24, 2013. Lucky for you, they recorded everything.

The men brought the three semi-automatic rifles to Starbucks as a form of demonstration. Starbucks employees told them they would not be allowed to sit inside the restaurant with their rifles, so the men opted to sit outside.

In Texas, it is legal to openly carry shotguns and rifles so long as they are being carried in a non-threatening way. So far so good, right?

Several bystanders chatted with the men and asked them questions about their demonstration. But apparently one witness felt “freaked out” by the display. The witness called police, who arrived and told the men that they received a complaint about their open display of rifles. The men cooperated calmly with police.

But before leaving, all three men were charged with disorderly conduct.

According to Texas law, anyone carrying a firearm can be charged with disorderly conduct if at any time any person feels uncomfortable with the guns presence or the way in which the gun is being carried.

That is why, although the men didn’t break any laws, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus agrees with the men’s charges. McManus explained to local news station KENS5 that the witness complaint is a legitimate ground on which to charge the men.

“It’s a disorderly offense that officers will address accordingly,” McManus said.

Here is video of the incident and following conversation between the men and police:

Sources: Guns.com, KENS5


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