Texas Men Charged With Animal Cruelty For Throwing and Shooting Cat


Two Texas men were arrested on felony animal cruelty charges for throwing a cat into the air and shooting it. Neither man is in custody.

Alexander Marsh, 18, and Joseph D. Morgan, 24, were arrested in East Harris County, Texas on felony charges of cruelty to an animal and torture with a firearm. Police uncovered the gruesome act of cruelty when they were called to investigate the discharging of a firearm.

A witness, who identified one of the men as a neighbor, told a Harris County deputy that Morgan had shot a black cat with a rifle. The deputy found the cat’s body near the bank of the San Jacinto River and questioned Morgan.

According to Morgan, the cat was a sick stray that he could not afford to take to the vet. So he took it upon himself to put the elderly animal out of its misery. The rifle was loaded with bird shot, he said. Marsh is being charged as a co-defendant and accomplice to the killing. Morgan said that Marsh was the one who threw the cat, while Morgan shot it.

Morgan told investigators the cat didn't die immediately after landing on broken concrete and bricks. It was "flopping around" in pain before it expired, he said.

The cat’s body was disposed of by the Houston SPCA, which will perform an autopsy.

Morgan was released on $15,000 bond the day after his arrest. Marsh is also not in custody, according to court enforcement records. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has asked for information about his whereabouts.

Sources: Memorial-Examiner, Houston Chronicle, ABC 13


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