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Texas Men Beaten By Police Officers For Walking Across The Street (Video)


Shocking video (below) shows two men being beaten by police for walking across the street in Austin, Texas.

In a video of the incident, the men are seen being beaten by a group of police officers while their friends yell at the officers to stop.

“What the f**k are y’all doing?” one of the friends yells at the officers. “Calm down!”

Rolando Ramiro, one of the two men’s friends who witnessed the incident, told Free Thought Project that the incident began when they walked across the street on Nov. 6.

“We were walking across the street, the sign said ‘do not walk,’ but lights were already turning yellow and streets were blocked off, so we kept walking,” Ramiro said.

“[Police] flashed their flashlights at us, asked us to show them our IDs," Ramiro continued. "Matt and Jeremy said to f— off.”

Matt Wallace and Jeremy Kingg, the two men who responded to the officers’ request for identification, were subsequently beaten by authorities.

When asked what crime they committed that warranted the use of force, an officer said they “crossed against the light.”

The Austin Police Department later released a statement acknowledging the incident.

“The Austin Police Department has been made aware of the incident that occurred Friday, Nov. 6 at 2:30 a.m. in the 600 block of E. Sixth Street,” the statement read. “As is standard protocol, the Chain of Command will review the Response to Resistance and the incident to determine what led up to the events captured in the video and whether the officer’s actions were in compliance with APD policy."

Watch the intense incident below. 

Sources: Free Thought Project, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube


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