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Texas Mayor's Stepson Killed While Breaking Into Home

The stepson of Cedar Hill, Texas, Mayor Rob Franke was shot to death on Christmas Eve while breaking into a local home.

Joshua Slaven, 31, reportedly broke into the home of Gareth Long late Tuesday night by smashing through a bedroom window with a tree branch. Long and his wife woke up to a bang and realized that someone had broken into their home, so the man grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

Long discovered Slaven dripping wet in his home. He reportedly asked Slaven to leave, threatened him with the gun, and shot him dead.

“It’s very unfortunate that Mr. Long was forced into a position of having to defend himself, his wife and his home from a nighttime intruder,” said Long’s attorney Chris Knox. “Nobody ever asks to be placed in such a life-threatening position, but Mr. Long’s actions were absolutely justified and completely protected under Texas law.”

Slaven had previously been arrested in early November for misdemeanor assault at the Mayor’s home, and a protective order was put into place at that time. On Nov. 25, authorities say Slaven returned to his family’s home and tried to persuade them to let him in, but they refused. Slaven was again arrested for violating the protective order.

No charges have been filed against Long for killing Slaven, and it’s likely that the investigation will determine that he acted in self-defense.


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