Texas Mayor Drops Gun During Council Meeting


The mayor of Pasadena, Texas, is in hot water after dropping a gun in the middle of a city council meeting.

A sign outside the council chambers states, “No weapons allowed.”

That rule applies even to someone with a concealed handgun license.

Concerned citizens appeared at the city council meeting Tuesday to voice their concerns, while one councilmember said an investigation into the incident should be launched.

Mayor Johnny Isbell was speaking to council members and citizens after the meeting on March 25, when his gun suddenly fell on the floor.

“I was standing next to the mayor when he bends over and a firearm fell out of his side,” Councilman Cody Wheeler told KHOU. “I don’t know if it came out of his pocket or a holster, but the firearm fill on the ground.”

“I think we were both in shock and didn’t know how to respond,” Wheeler told the Pasadena Citizen. "I was extremely concerned the mayor was carrying a pistol and obviously didn’t know how to properly handle a weapon."

“I want to address the issue that another councilmember said they saw that someone brought a gun to the council chambers," Councilmember Don Harrison said during the following council meeting Tuesday. "To my understanding, it’s against the law to bring weapons to a public meeting like this. It’s dangerous and I think there should be an investigation.”

Isbell did not respond to Harrison’s questions during the meeting and laughed off the allegations afterward.

“It was only a pellet gun," Isbell told the Citizen. "A friend gave it to me and I had it in my notebook."

“As a former Marine, I’ve been around a lot of weapons and this didn’t look like a pellet gun to me,” Harrison told the Citizen. “From what I saw, it appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol; my guess would be a 9mm Berretta Pistol. But, it certainly didn’t look like a pellet gun as far as I’m concerned.”

Sources: KHOU, Pasadena Citizen


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