Texas Man Robs Bank, Is Robbed Minutes Later, Accidentally Turns Himself In By Calling Police


Texas man Larry Paulos is making a strong case to be considered for the World’s Worst Robber award. To his credit, Paulos actually managed to pull off a bank heist. But his criminal fame was short lived as he himself was robbed minutes later before being arrested by police.

Paulos walked into a local bank and waited in line to meet with a teller like any other customer. But when he reached the teller’s desk, he slipped her a note saying he was armed with a bomb and wanted money. The teller thought the note was a joke until she saw Paulos’ hand holding an object at his waist. She quickly took the threat seriously and stuffed over $5,000 in Paulos’ bag.

After successfully stealing the cash, Paulos left the bank. But witnesses report that he made it painfully obvious what he had just done: he frantically ran home while dollar bills flew out of his bag. Not very smooth.

Two other criminals saw Paulos with his contraband and decided they were going to do a hold up of their own. They followed him home and within minutes beat him up and stole his bag of cash from the bank. In one of the most comedic ironies you’ll ever hear, Paulos immediately called police and told them that he’d been robbed. But wait, it gets even better.

Earlier on, after Paulos first left the bank, the bank’s staff called the police and reported the robbery. Police went to the bank and saw Paulos on surveillance camera. He was face was clearly seen and he was wearing a not-so-discrete “I <3 Texas” shirt.

When police arrived at Paulos apartment to investigate his robbery claim, they easily identified him as the same man who had just robbed the bank. He didn’t even bother changing into new clothes. Police arrested him on the spot and hit him with federal bank robbery charges. 

You are a uniquely stupid man, Mr. Paulos. 

Sources: Dallas Observer, Dallas News


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