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Texas Man Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison For Murdering Woman With HIV

A Texas man has pleaded guilty to killing a woman after having sex with her and finding out she had HIV.

Justin Welch, 23, originally claimed he had nothing to do with 30-year-old Elisha Henson’s death. But when he entered District Judge Bob Inselmann’s courtroom on Monday, he made a startling confession.

“Guilty,” Welch said to the judge.

The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Welch’s arrest for the murder of Henson and he was arrested in June.

Co-conspirator Rosalind Smith told investigators that Welch overheard a conversation between himself and Henson about her having HIV. Welch “appeared astonished to know” about Henson’s illness and that’s when he decided to kill her, according to an arrest affidavit.

Smith is charged with disposing Henson’s body in Rivercrest. A group of children found her corpse in May while playing in the area.

Welch’s attorney Al Charanza said that his client was remorseful, but the victim’s mother said the damage is done.

“You have no heart,” Brenda Carrell told Welch in the courtroom. “You are a killer in my eyes. You must pay for what you did.

“Elisha was a mother of two amazing boys, who today have a grave to visit.”

Welch was sentenced to 50 years in prison while Smith is scheduled for jury selection on January 20.

Source: CBS-46 News / Photo Credit: CBS-46 News


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