Texas Man Hangs Bloody Santa With Crown Of Thorns From A Cross In His Yard (Video)


A Texas man upset his neighbors this week when he put up an unusual Christmas decoration in his front yard.

Aaron Olivares of Corpus Christi hung a bloody Santa Claus with a crown of thorns from a cross in front of his garage.

“It’s December. It’s Christmastime. It’s just a Christmas ornament,” Olivares told KRIS-TV. “That’s about it.”

When KRIS-TV asked if it was a “Jesus reference,” he said, “No, it wasn’t coming to me like that.”

“The crown of barbed wire [was just] a little more decoration. That’s about it," he said.

He says the “zombie Santa” is named “Slayer.”

“I’m a Christian,” he said. “I didn’t see nothing offensive on it.”

He was surprised to learn that some of his neighbors were offended by the display.

"The cross is the big thing. The cross. Santa Claus is you know well, you can put Santa Claus on a hood, put Santa Claus on your roof, put Santa Claus in your yard, why put him on a cross?" his neighbor Ricky Mesa told KRIS-TV.

The woman who lives directly across the street from Olivares said she had no problem with the bloody Santa.

"It doesn't really bother me. Everyone likes it who brings me home. My friends all joke about it," Blanca Perelta said.

When asked what people should do if the bloody Santa offends them, Olivares said they should just stay away.

"Get out of my yard. If you don't like it ... don't drive by here," Olivares says.

Sources: Myhighplains.com, KRIS-TV


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