Texas Man Goes To Jail Because Lawn Was Overgrown

Rick Yoes began serving a 17-day jail sentence in Grand Prairie, Texas, last Saturday because he is unable to pay a $1,700 fine for having an overgrown lawn.

Yoes gave up the vacation work days that he had saved as an electrician at Tarrant County College to serve the sentence for his crime, which dates back to Sept. 2014.

According to the Fresno People's Media, Yoes and his daughter, Angel, were working long hours in 2014 and their lawn got higher than six inches.

Yoes was notified by the city to cut the lawn, and Angel cut it within two weeks, but that was not soon enough.

A couple of weeks ago, a postcard arrived notifying Yoes of the fine and a warrant for his arrest.

However, the City of Grand Prairie website says that grass has to be 12 inches or less:

A recent ordinance change now requires a violator to comply to a violation of high grass in 7 days, rather than 10 days.

Overgrown grass, weeds, shrubs, trees and vegetation are a nuisance and health hazard. Yard maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner and tenant and includes the maintenance of any right of way abutting the property.

Grass must be cut at 12 inches or less.

All trees and shrubs in the right of way must be trimmed 12 feet from the ground so that they do not obstruct the vision or travel of motorists and people.

All vegetation and tree limbs must be removed and disposed of property.

Sources: Fresno People's Media, City Of Grand Prairie
Image Credit: Tim Patterson


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