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Texas Man Randy Magdeleno Foils Three Burglars With Unloaded Gun

When Texas homeowner Randy Magdeleno found three unwelcome teens in his Houston home on Wednesday, he pulled his rusty .22-caliber rifle on them.

Knowing the gun was not loaded, Magdeleno bluffed his way through the incident, telling the burglars to lay on the floor as he called his wife and asked her to telephone police. He kept the gun on them while he waited for police to arrive.

“I wanted to keep them calm because I was outnumbered and you know, like I said, at anytime if they felt fear, I know they would have overtaken me,” Magdeleno said.

After dropping his wife off at work on Wednesday, Magdeleno returned to their home at 8:30 a.m. to find the back door open. The teens had smashed through the glass to reach inside and unlock it.

Hearing voices in his house, he grabbed the rifle. “It was scary,” Magdeleno said. “I didn’t know what I was walking into, and hearing people running around inside my house at the same time. I didn’t know if they were carrying weapons around or not.”

He said the teens readily complied with his requests, never suspecting the gun wasn’t loaded. One of the suspects even returned to the house later that evening with his father to apologize to Magdeleno for the break-in.

Police say they are investigating whether the teens are responsible for a recent rash of break-ins in the area.

Source: Daily Mail


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