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Texas Man Devastated After Dog Stolen And Euthanized

A Texas man is heartbroken after he said somebody stole his 15-year-old dog and had him euthanized.

Jesse Reznicek said that he was moving out of his home on Sept. 14, when he went out for a little while to get supplies, reports KHOU. When he came back, his elderly Labrador, Brutus, was missing.

"He was laying right there," said Reznicek, pointing to Brutus’ spot on the floor. "I haven't been able to touch his food bowl, for God's sake."

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Initially, Reznicek thought that someone broke into his house and let Brutus wander out the back door, so he started looking everywhere.

Two days later, he found a devastating note that solved the mystery.

Signed by "3 Strangers," the note said that they broke in and took the chocolate-colored Labrador, because he was old and taking a lot of medication.

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"This letter is to tell you about your dog," a portion reads, according to the Daily Mail. "We took your dog and fed [h]im a can of dog food [a]nd then took him to our [v]et (a nice old man) on Tues."

"And the vet said he had 'No quality of Life' so we had the [v]et euthanize him and had him cremated," it continued. "Shame on you for being so selfish and keeping him alive and in [p]ain."

"It was under my windshield wiper," said Reznicek. "It stabs my heart. I mean it makes no sense. It's so cruel."

Reznicek said that he filed a police report and will continue calling local veterinarians to try and find out where Brutus died in order to find answers.

"They had no right to take away my last moments that I could have spent with my dog," said Reznicek.

The heartbroken dog owner lost his other companion, 10-year-old Maxie, within five days of Brutus. He put Maxie to sleep, as the canine was suffering from cancer.

"He was my companion, my buddy," said Reznicek. "For someone to take my dog and decide on their own that I'm not a good parent. That I was letting him live and being selfish — that's what the note said — they don't know me. And if they do, who are they and what gives them right?"

Sources: Daily Mail, KHOU​ / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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