Texas Man Legally Changes Last Name To Trump (Video)


As of June 19, a Texas man formerly known as Ernesto Baeza Acosta is now Ernesto Trump (video below).

"You can call me the undeportable one, you can call me the president's son, or you can call me Ernesto Trump," the 34-year-old resident of Odessa, Texas, says in a video he uploaded to YouTube June 19. In the description, he says he is the "first person in the world to change their last name to Trump."

Trump, who was born in Houston, Texas, explained on the name change documents he filed that he wanted the new surname "because it is more suitable for professional purposes," according to The Smoking Gun. He paid $272 for the court to make the switch.

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The heavily tattooed man, who has ink on his face, head, ears, neck and hands, also goes by "Big Ern" online and maintain a YouTube channel with more than 7,500 subscribers. He primarily posts comedy and dare videos and says in the channel's description that he dreams of entering the entertainment industry "as a personality/icon."

"My scary cover ink is only skin deep, beneath which I am a person, a father, a friend and hopefully a funny man," he explains in the bio.

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He says in the clip that he considers the 45th U.S. president to be his father.

"Dad, if you hear this message or see this video, I don't want no money or nothing from you, I want to spend some father-son time with you," he says. "Maybe we could go to Wrigley Field, eat a hot dog, drink a pint of beer or go to the movies. Maybe I could go to see my step brothers and sister and step mom and eat dinner at the White House."

He concludes the video by asking viewers to tag the president in his video and let him know that "his son, Ernesto Trump, wants some father-son time with him."

The Youtube personality told The Smoking Gun in an interview that, even though he supports the president, he did not vote in November, because he was not registered.

His mother is unhappy about the name change because she does not care for the president, he added, noting that both of his parents were born in Mexico and illegally crossed the border more than 40 years ago, though each has a green card now.

On the filing, Trump listed his race as "Hispanic."

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Ernesto Trump/YouTube / Photo Credit: Pexels, The Smoking Gun

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