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Texas Man Arrested After Towing Donkey Behind Truck For Three Miles (Photo)

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Texas man Nasim Irsan was arrested on Saturday after tying a donkey to his pick-up truck and towing it for at least three miles.

According to police, Irsan didn’t think anything was wrong with towing the elderly animal down the road on Saturday afternoon.

“He didn't think he was doing anything wrong – that he was moving it from one place to another," Precinct 5 deputy livestock constable Marshall Williams said.

Irsan had the donkey tied to his truck with a single rope around the animal’s neck connected at the hitch.

“That was a long way for a horse, and it was an older horse, mule I mean,” Hazik Hassan, a witness, said. “You could see its ribs and everything, that’s pretty sad man.”

Irsan was finally stopped around the 18000 block of Old Houston Road in Montgomery County, where the donkey was handed over to animal control and Irsan was arrested on animal cruelty charges.

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Sources: DailyMail, Chron / Photo Credit: Montgomery County Police Reporter


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