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Texas Man Arrested After Rubbing Scrotum On Customer's Pizza

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Texas man Austin Symonds was arrested after he was caught rubbing his scrotum on a pizza one customer had ordered.

Symonds was caught “rubbing his testicles on the pizza” a customer had ordered, according to a criminal complaint from the Papa Murphy’s customer. The incident occurred in Georgetown, Texas.

“Substances such as fecal matter can be transferred by sweat to the scrotum and could have transferred to the pizza when Symonds rubbed his scrotum on the pizza,” Detective Chris Brown said.

The 19-year-old later confessed to a store manager, admitting that he had dirtied the large stuffed pizza because the customer, Brent Bradley, had ordered it just before closing.

Bradley apparently asked Symonds his age, then argued that Symonds was old enough to know his actions were inappropriate.

“I am really sorry,” Symonds later told Bradley. “That was stupid.”

During a questioning with authorities, Symonds admitted that he probably would have given the pizza to Bradley if he hadn’t been caught.

Symonds was later fired.

The teen was originally charged with a felony count of tampering with a consumer product and released on $10,000 bail, though it was replaced with a misdemeanor charge of violating the Texas Health and Safety Code. If prosecutors approve Symonds for admission into a pretrial intervention program, the case could be dismissed; however, the decision is still in review.

According to police, Bradley supports Symonds’ placement in the intervention program.

A similar case occurred at a Subway in Ohio when one employee admitted to freezing his urine in a water bottle. Another admitted to rubbing his genitals against a piece of foot-long bread. They were eventually fired. 

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Photo Credit: The Huffington Post 


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