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Texas Man Fakes Kidnapping To Go Party With Friends

A Texas man apparently faked his own kidnapping as a ruse to get away from his wife and go party with his friends.

Rogelio Andaverde, 34, lives in the Texas-Mexico border town of Edinburg. According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, he and his wife, Maria Hernandez, were in their home at about 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 when he was abducted by two masked men with guns.

In a shocking twist, Andaverde and his friends faked the entire incident in his wife's presence, reports San Antonio Expres-News. She called the police and was reportedly “petrified” as she described the alleged abduction, according to Sheriff Guadalupe Trevino.

As Trevino explained: “We took this incident very serious because of the circumstances described to us by the wife. People don't just barge into your house and kidnap you for the hell of it.”

In fact, they took it so seriously that a Department of Public Safety helicopter and a dozen deputies joined in the hunt for Andaverde. However, after several hours, when there was no sign of the missing husband, and the search was called off.

Mid-morning the following day, Andaverde returned home safely, telling his wife that his kidnappers had let him go. But police smelled a rat, as Sheriff Trevino explained: “I looked at the guys and said, ‘Do you really believe this?’ He’s just a regular Joe, no criminal history — anything. It’s just not right.”

It wasn’t until a follow-up investigation was conducted that it became apparent Andaverde had staged the kidnapping to “spend time with his friends and party.”

As Sheriff Trevino remarked, this case was so unusual that it was almost comedic. “We have people file false reports all the time, and we put them in jail for it,” he said. “But I've never had someone do it just to get out of the house.”

“I don't think his wife appreciated being kept until 4 or 5 in the morning, being interviewed by the cops while her husband was out doing who knows what with who knows who — he's going to have a lot of answering to do,” Trevino said.

Andaverde has been charged with making a false report to police, which is a Class B misdemeanor. His bail was set at $5,000.

Sources: Fox News Latino, San Antonio Express-News / Photo credit: Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office via ​Fox News Latino

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