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Texas Man Abraham Solis Accused Of Raping Same Woman Twice

A Texas rape victim experienced the worst kind of déjà vu imaginable when the same man who raped her more than seven years ago came back to do it again. Abraham Solis showed up on the victim’s doorstep and reportedly said, “Hey, remember me?” He then proceeded to kick down the door and assaulted the now 20-year-old victim.

Solis served more than six years in prison for raping the victim, who has not been named, when she was 13. Solis, 25, was arrested by investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshals Service. He was hiding out at his mother’s house and attempted to flee in a white Mazda sedan, the Valley Central reported.

He was able to lead authorities on a high-speed chase but was ultimately caught when he drove into a ditch. He tried to run on foot but was brought down by a police dog about 300 yards away from where he had crashed, The Brownsville Herald reported.

Justice of the Peace Bobby Contreras charged Solis with one count of burglary with intent to commit a felony, one count of assault and one count of evading arrest with a vehicle. His bonds were set at $450,000.

It was been reported that Solis is a member of the Valluco prison gang and has several previous arrests for assault, auto theft and drug possession.

“This man is a thug,” said Sheriff Lupe Treviño. “He can’t be trusted in society. His criminal records, his gang affiliation and the viciousness of his crimes indicate that he deserves a long stay in the state penitentiary.”


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