Texas Led Nation In Beating People To Death Last Year, According To FBI Crime Stats


While gang members and terrorists continue to occupy the top spots among fear-inducing figures in the public mind, as far as cops are concerned, drunks and jealous lovers pose the real threats.

In other crime statistics, Texans led the nation in beating their fellow human beings to death last year.

According to FBI crime stats for 2012, released last week, love triangles claimed the lives of 95 people last year. That’s more than the 82 who died from injuries sustained in alcohol-related fights.

If drug-related fights are included, however, the number tops the jealous-lover tally. Dope-fueld brawls killed 58.

In figures that seem to show that Americans are a violent, even murderous people, there were 1,214,462 violent crimes tallied by the FBI across the United States last year.

Police arrested an average of 3.5 out of every 100,000 residents of the United States last year for the crimes of murder and non-negligent manslaughter. Just under 124 Americans per 100K were arrested for aggravated assault and 5.3 for forcible rape.

In the gun-friendly state of Texas, firearms were used in 65 percent of all homicides. While that may seem like a large percentage, it ranks behind Illinois, Michigan and California, where guns were used in 86, 76 and 69 percent of murders, respectively.

Texans have a preference for beating people to death with their bare hands. Fully 101 human beings died from homicides in which “hands, fists or feet” were the primary murder weapons. That makes Texas the national champion when it comes to deadly beatings.

California was second with 87 beating deaths, even though the state recorded 700 more total homicides than the Lone Star State.

Alcohol was the number one cause of Americans getting arrested last year. Cops handed out 1.3 million DUI arrests, about 500,000 busts just for drunkenness and 400,000 for liquor law violations.

The 16 states generally considered “The South” in America, accounted for 41 percent of all violent crime reported in the U.S.. That region, which also includes the District of Columbia, holds 37 percent of the U.S. population.

SOURCES: Time.com, FBI


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