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Texas Lawmakers Hope to Allow Concealed Guns on College Campuses

Senator Glenn Hegar (TX, R) has introduced a bill that would allow students to keep firearms in their cars on college campuses. Hegar already has a sizable force of pro-gun legislators in his corner. Texas lawmakers voted 29-0 to field new bills, even though the deadline for new bills had passed. The extension allowed Hegar to add the new legislation.

Gun control proponents are not particularly thrilled by the move. Julie Gavran, the social media director for the Students for Gun-Free Schools, argued, “While our main focus is to maintain that firearms are not permitted on campus property and especially inside buildings, having loaded concealed guns in cars becomes dangerous in the case of theft.”

She added, “In addition, it is just another way that the gun lobby is controlling and infiltrating an environment that otherwise does not support having guns." Indeed, universities tend to promote gun control policies. A handful of universities, such as those in Utah, are exceptions to the norm.

Gavran stated, “When it comes to gun laws and schools, we support having law enforcement officers on campus. Other individuals, however, do not go through the same training as law enforcement when it comes to handguns.”

Francisco Cigarroa, the University of Texas System Chancellor, echoed Gavran when he wrote a letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry stating that he would oppose any legislation that would allow guns on campus.

Danny Khalil, the communications director of Campus Progress, similarly said that right-wing legislators were “out-of-touch” with college campuses.

College campuses represent a sticky legal issue for legislators and rights. On the one hand, students and faculty members tend to promote gun control measures. On the other side of the coin, though, minority gun rights advocates argue that universities should not enjoy special laws that violate state and federal-level policies that otherwise allow citizens to carry firearms. 

Source: Campus Progress


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