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Texas Home Overrun By Hundreds Of Unexpected Guests (Photos)

So many copperhead snakes slither on a North Texas woman’s property that she is scared to leave her house at night.

Vicki Barnett and her husband have struggled with the numerous snakes since they moved onto the property in Weatherford, Texas, two years ago. Barnett estimates they killed nearly 30 snakes last weekend alone, and close to 100 since last year, report Fox 4 and NBC.

"If one got in the house or in the cars, I would have to move," Barnett told NBC. "I really would."

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On July 21, Barnett’s husband killed another one after she had a close call.

"I nearly stepped on it and then I just ran and waited for my husband to come outside and kill them," she told reporters.

The snakes give Barnett occasional solace. To her relief, the snakes are masters at hiding out during the day, so they don’t bother her too much. Copperheads are most active at dusk, so Barnett regularly goes outside with a rifle and kills them around that time.

The intimidating reptiles went away during last winter, but to Barnett’s frustration, they came back with the heat and seem determined to stay.

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"Once they start taking over, they'll take over," said Randall Kennedy of Fort Worth Wildlife, a nuisance wildlife removal company. "There can be quite a few of them."

Kennedy stopped by Barnett’s property on July 22 to see her snakes and gauge how bad the problem really was. Barnett hopes he can eradicate them so that she can finally live in peace, but unfortunately, her property is the perfect breeding ground for the creatures.

"Any thicket is a real good place for them," said Kennedy.

Barnett’s home has gained a reputation over time.

"My little grandson says, 'Mo Mo, you've got all these snakes,'" Barnett said. "I've showed him and said, 'Mo Mo has a lot of snakes here.'"

On the bright side, it is unlikely Barnett needs to worry about anybody breaking into her home during the night.

Sources: NBCFox 4 / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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