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Texas High School Football Players Claim Coach Told Them To Hit Referee (Video)

Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas claimed on Sept. 18 that one of their high school football coaches told them to hit a referee, Robert Watts, during a game on Sept. 4, and that Watts used racial slurs on the field (video below).

The teens, who are under investigation by police in Marble Falls, Texas, made their accusations during an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"I can't explain it," Rojas stated. "Well, I was doing [what] I was told ... Well, a player had come over and told me that the coach said to do it."

Moreno added:

"Well, before, you know, I had got put into the game, our, the previous safety that was in, he had got injured.

"And while on the sideline [the coach] pulled me and another player over and  he told us, I quote, 'You need to hit him.' ... He pulled me and another player and told us, 'You need to hit the ref, you know, he needs to pay the price.'

"... Just for everything that's been going on in the game, there were racial slurs being thrown at, you know, players from this referee. There was, you know, unjustified calls, there was just a lot that was going on, you know. I guess his emotions just got mixed into it and he told us to do what we did."

Moreno and Rojas didn't say who the coach was, but Assistant Coach Mack Breed has been suspended by the Northside Independent School District, notes ESPN.

Rojas claimed Watts ordered a Hispanic football player to "speak English, this is America," and called a black football player "the N-word."

Moreno also claimed he heard the referee use the "N-word."

Moreno and Rojas were suspended from the football team and transferred from John Jay High School in San Antonio to another school by school district officials who are investigating the incident.

Watts' lawyer Alan Goldberger told The Associated Press, "[Watts] didn't say hurtful things to anybody and he certainly didn't say racial epithets."

"It's so typical that these accusations are made," Goldberger added. "It's always the referee's fault."

Watts is not currently officiating and is under medical care for his injuries, according to Goldberger, who suggested there may be a civil lawsuit filed.

Sources: ESPN, AP via ABC News / Photo credit: ABC Screenshot


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