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Texas GOP To Vote On Secession From United States

Delegates from the Republican Party of Texas will reportedly vote on Texas secession during a state convention that begins May 12.

The decision to allow a secession vote comes after a 31-member special committee passed the platform item on May 11; the measure was spearheaded by pro-nationalist activist group Texas Nationalist Movement, the Houston Chronicle reports.

At least 22 county or district GOP conventions supported a vote on secession in March, which prompted the platform committee to consider the motion.

The resolution calls for allowing voters to choose whether Texas should become an independent nation, according to Mother Jones.

Texas was its own nation for nine years before joining the United States in 1845.

The item passed the committee "overwhelmingly," Tanya Robertson, a GOP official with the State Republican Executive committee, told the Houston Chronicle.

"It's going to be available for delegates to debate and vote on [May 13] during the convention," she added. "This is pretty big. This is really pretty huge."

The move for secession is not expected to pass.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Mother Jones / Photo Source: Texas Nationalist Movement/Facebook

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