Texas 'Goddesses with Guns' Rally Attracts More Men Than Women (Video)


A “Goddesses with Guns” rally on Saturday in San Antonio, Tx., drew more men than women.

The rally was promoted by Open Carry Texas: Women, which is part of Open Carry Texas, a pro-gun group whose members carry assault rifles into stores and restaurants.

KSAT reported that "about a dozen women" showed up at the Open Carry Texas: Women rally (video below).

The San Antonio Express-News noted that 40 people attended the event and the "men slightly outnumbered women at the rally."

Open Carry Texas: Women member/founder Emily Grisham, who is married to Open Carry Texas (OCT) founder CJ Grisham, says the gun-toting group was founded in response to the gun safety group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

“[Moms Demand Action doesn't] hold the copyright on speaking for all women and all mothers,” stated Emily, who wants to debunk the “myth that OCT is just a bunch of redneck men that all they do is go out there and scare women and scare their children. We don't.”

Liberaland.com reports that one mom carried a rifle while holding her baby.

“The statistics prove that a gun in the home does not make a woman safer,” stated Sandy Phillips, whose daughter was killed in a mass shooting inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in 2012. “It actually endangers her life.”

“Most Americans do not want to be shopping with people who are open-carrying weapons,” added Phillips. “It's intimidation. It's bullying. I don't care if it's a woman or a man.”

The John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy Research found that American "women living in a home with one or more guns were three times more likely to be murdered; for women who had been abused by their partner, their risk of being murdered rose fivefold if the partner owned a gun," noted The Guardian. "Nor did guns make the women safer; women who purchased guns were 50% more likely to be killed by an intimate partner."

A Harvard study and a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that owning a gun doesn't increase one's safety in the U.S., but actually increases the danger because most gun shot victims are killed by family or friends.

Sources: KSAT, San Antonio Express-News, Liberaland.com, The Guardian


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