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Texas Game Warden Bravely Frees Two Bucks Entangled By Nylon Rope (Video)

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A Texas game warden came to the rescue of two bucks in an unusual situation when he untangled them from a nylon rope wrapped around a clothesline pole.

The two bucks had tangled their antlers around a nylon rope and were pulling against each other in someone’s backyard when an unidentified game warden in Comal County found them. The warden discovered the two after someone made a call reporting the bucks.

Though the two animals were violently thrashing about, the warden bravely approached them in his vehicle and parked at the clothesline pole. Then, the man climbed atop the hood of his car so he wouldn’t “get gored."

“Come on guys, help me out,” the warden says in a video footage of the event.

The warden managed to cut the two bucks free, and they immediately ran off. Though it’s not uncommon for two bucks to be seen with their antlers locked, The Blaze reported, this particular entanglement was unusual.

On Monday, the video was uploaded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It has accumulated over 70,000 views so far.

Sources: The Blaze, Grind TV / Photo Credit: YouTube


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