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Watch: Texas Firefighter Takes Down Armed Robber In Epic Way (Video)

A Texas firefighter stepped in to prevent an armed robbery at a Midlothian gas station late last month, and the incident was caught on video (see below).

Daniel Gaskey, who is a former Marine, was at the counter waiting to pay when the man wearing a sky mask approached and shoved him aside.

“I looked up, and there was a guy standing there with a black mask on,” Gaskey said, as reported by The Blaze.

“And I stood there for a second, it was a quick assessment, quick reaction, not too much to think about,” Gaskey added.

Gaskey explained that he noticed the scared reaction of the clerk when the man, later identified as Dylan Bearden, pulled out a knife.

Gaskey grabbed him from behind and took him down to the floor, before gaining possession of the knife and throwing it away.

He then sat on the man’s back to hold him down until police arrived.

“You gotta [sic] do the right thing,” Gaskey added. “Sometimes the right thing is the scary thing to do, but that’s why we keep doing it. You gotta [sic] stand up.”

One customer showed their appreciation for what Gaskey did by giving him a thumbs up sign, The Blaze reported.

Police later confirmed that Bearden was arrested on an aggravated robbery charge.

The original story appeared June 30, but it was only recently that the surveillance footage showing Gaskey’s actions was released to the public.

Sources: KFOR, The Blaze, Fox 2 Now

Photo Credit: The Blaze


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