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Texas Father Jose Lagares Makes Son Stand At Busy Intersection With Sign Admitting He’s A Bully (Video)

A man had enough of his son’s bullying behavior in school, and after trying everything else he could think of as forms of punishment, he decided to make his son hold up a sign on a busy street corner stating he’s a bully.

Jose Lagares’ fourth-grade son has been in trouble at school for bullying a classmate and the Killeen, Texas, dad decided on a new method to try and get his son to understand how unhappy he was with the behavior.

Lagares’ son was made to stand on a street corner, holding up a sign that read, "I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

KCEN reports that previous forms of punishment included grounding and even hard labor, but Lagares says he was forced to give his son an overdose of tough love.

"It was just the final straw, and it seemed to work," Lagares said.

Some were not in favor of Lagares’ method of trying to get through to his son and that made Lagares return to the street corner a day later with a sign of his own.

"I am not sorry!!! Honk 2 Stop Bullying," was the message on Lagares’ own sign, according to Advocate.

Lagares reportedly received the news that his son apologized to the classmate he was bullying when he returned to school after having to hold up the sign.

"I refuse to allow my child to be somebody else's pain. Ya know, we don't need another Columbine, and we don't need another Solomon Harris. Ya know, we don't need that to happen, and I refuse for my child to be the cause of that," Lagares told KCEN.

Sources: Advocate, KCEN


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