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Texas Family's Truck Vandalized With Racist Messages (Photos)

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A white family in Texas who hosted a black friend visiting from Louisiana woke up to find disturbing, racist messages spray-painted on their pickup truck.

Hayli Franke said she and her family were hosting their friend, Josh Joseph, while he was in town for a job interview. On Thursday night, Joseph spent time with the Franke family at their Spring, Texas, home and had an enjoyable night outside. On Friday morning, they discovered their truck spray-painted with everything from the N-word to “KKK” and other hateful messages.

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“It just makes me sick,” Franke said. “It's 2015, racism should be over. People shouldn't be doing things like that. It's kind of ridiculous to me.” Franke and her husband, Darren, said they were both shocked by the disturbing incident and have no idea why they would be targeted in such a way.

“It's not what I believe in,” Darren Franke said. “It's not something I'm about. I don't know why they would pick my truck to put something like that on.”

Joseph, who has plans to move to Spring once he finds work, said the incident made him feel unwelcome.

“I was mostly shocked,” he said. “I'm supposed to be moving here soon. And that's what I see. I was about to leave. I felt like I wasn't wanted here.”

The Franke family said they were outraged by the thought of their friend feeling unwanted in what they believed to be a peaceful subdivision in a nice town.

“It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking there's people who think this way,” Franke said. 

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The family filed a criminal report with local police, and are hoping that neighbors or witnesses with information come forward. 

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