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Texas Family Selling Home For $150

A family in Houston, Texas, has decided it wants to sell its home, but the ultra-low price and interesting application process set the sale apart from others in the area.

Michael Wachs says he loves his 1,000-square-foot Houston Heights bungalow, but he and his wife recently made the decision to move closer to their young daughter’s school. Instead of finding a real estate agent to list it for what it’s worth, Wachs and his wife are charging a $150 application fee and will decide on a winner. All participants have to submit an essay of 200 words or fewer explaining why they deserve the house to go along with the $150 fee. Details are available on

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“It's a few minutes to downtown, it's super quiet at night. There are bike trails, it's a great place to live,” Wachs explained. “This is the only method that we can think of that we could get our money back and also give a chance to someone to start a new life or build a home right in the city.”

Wachs says that to make money off the house, they will have to get at least 3,000 submissions by the middle of June. The Texas dad built a website where people can pay the $150 fee and submit their essay. Some have already applied.

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“What would I do?” one submission reportedly reads. "Dance with my friends, sing a Disney song, I never lived in a house.”

Wachs, a Realtor, admits he has only skimmed through the dozens of submissions he’s received so far, but if he doesn’t get at least 3,000 submissions by the middle of June, he will refund the money and list his house the traditional way. The home is reportedly worth $400,000, and if he reaches 3,000 submissions, that would put him at $450,000.

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