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Texas Family Says Deputies Used Taser On Man Twice Before His Death

A Texas family claims that an Atascosa County sheriff's deputy used a Taser on their loved one twice before the man died.

Macario Cisneros Garcia, 54, was pronounced dead at a Jourdanton hospital early Monday.

He allegedly had a confrontation with police around 3 a.m. Monday outside a home in Pleasanton.

Garcia’s family told KSAT that the deputy used his Taser twice amid the confrontation and Garcia had to be transported to the hospital.

County officials have not commented on the incident.

The NAACP recently launched investigation after a 31-year-old Connecticut man died after being Tasered by New London police.

The man, Lashano Gilbert, was allegedly caught carjacking when police say they were forced to use a Taser on him. The following morning in jail he was Tasered again for allegedly attacking police officers in the station. He died at a New London hospital later that morning.

Sources: KSAT (2), WTNH

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Marcelo Freixo


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