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21-Year-Old Texas Man Defends Family During Home Invasion, Shoots Intruders

When three armed men forced their way into his family’s Houston-area home on Thursday night, a young man took action.

While the three men were preoccupied with his mother and father, the 21-year-old ran and got his father’s gun. After getting his hands on the firearm, the son opened fire. He shot and killed one of the intruders. The other two fled the scene. The names of the family members are not available at this time.

The family was baking a cake when someone began knocking at the door. Although he didn’t recognize who was at his door, the father opened it anyway, reports KHOU. “I see a young boy and I think it is a friend of my son so I open it a little bit,” the father explained. “These guys push and out comes two more, they push me on the ground.”

When deputies responded to the call they came across a vehicle carrying two men who fit the descriptions of the two escaped suspects. They pulled it over and brought those men in for questioning. It is still unknown why the men broke into the home or what they were trying to accomplish.

“At this point, we don’t know what the motive is behind this home invasion, but they did force entry into the residence,” said Sgt. Greg Pinkins of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

No matter the reasoning behind the raid, the fallout from Thursday night’s events has been severe. Although he is safe thanks to the actions of his son, the young man’s father sounds remorseful about what happened. “I just hear a couple of times; boom, boom, boom. One young life is lost,” the dad said.

Neighbors of the family are supportive of the actions that were taken. “People can’t go breaking into people’s homes and not expect some sort of consequence," said Harry Moulder.

It is not expected that any charges will be brought against the homeowner’s son.

Source: (KHOU)


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